How to get content ideas and to drive traffic to our blogs


If you are a new blogger and seeking for the new topic to write? Or you just want to know why your blog or website is not getting ranked or any traffic? If all this problem keeps on arising with you then you are at the right place. It happens with most of us that we runs out of the topic, in that situation what to do? Complete details are shared over here as well as how to drive traffic to our blogs.

In this article, we will be learning about the new ways how to create content ideas for your blog.

If you are a new to blogging field then you need to understand that there are other markets player who has already established their authority in a particular field.

You can also say that they use to generate tons of traffics to their blogs and websites.

On the other hand, when it comes to online business or blogging, you should know the market is very saturated. So, it’s tough to start from scratch today and to take over the other well-established market player.

What to do now in such situation?

You need to read the market very well. In the beginning, you should search for a particular niche on which you can work on. There are lots of niche available in the market which don’t have much competition in it.

Choosing a niche which don’t have much competition in it will always drive you to gain traffic to your websites and blogs.

Now, let’s start with the topic of today.

How to get new ideas for your blog?


To get new ideas for your blog you need to research a particular niche a bit. This might take sometimes. Therefore, there are certain tools available that will help you to get rid of a certain amount of time.

Keyword Research

This will help you to know what peoples are looking for and what topics get more searches. It will somehow give you the rough ideas about the people’s interest so that you can create the content around it.

This will help you in not only getting the ideas about the new topic but also lead to drive traffic on your blogs and websites.

So always keeps your Keyword Research tools up to date or updated.

Question Hub

It’s a Google platform, where Google itself suggest the topic on which you should write. From tech to food blogging you will find suitable questions to answer.


However, there are certain things which you have to follow.

  • You need to create your Question Hub account with the same email id you have used to Create your Google Search Console account.
  • The title of your blog should be the same as the Question.
  • You need to submit the link of your article to the Question which you are answering.

Doing so will not only drive traffic to your blog but also Google will itself recommend people to read your article.


It is one of the best places to get an idea about the new blog post. Thousands of people put their questions on Quora, you can go all through it and select the one which you can answer it comfortably. By going through it you will also come to know what people are asking for.

It is one of the best ways to create content and drive traffic to your blogs or websites.


Buzzsumo is all about the social shares. It helps you with the data where you will come to know which of your competition blogs are doing great in terms of social shares. The post having more social shares will tend to drive more traffic on it.

With the help of the data, you can create the ideas for your blog post as well as you can even create better content than your competitors.

It will help you to create new content for your blogs or websites as well as help your blog or website to grow in the online market.

Some SEO friendly ways which will help you to drive traffic to your blogs or websites

After reading till now, you have come to how to drive traffic to your blogs or websites. You can either be a tech blogger or lifestyle blogger. But the thing which plays an important role in how to drive traffic to your blogs or websites.

There is no use of wasting a lot of time writing the content and are not able to drive traffic to your blog. Without genuine traffic, you can’t able to grow your blogs or websites and the most important part is you can’t be able to generate revenue from it.

So here are some ways which you should try to follow to get the reach through maximum.

Unique Content to drive traffic to our blogs

Come up with unique and creative content ideas for you blogs and websites.

The more quality your content has the more it will attract the readers. It will also help in generating a large amount of traffic to your blogs and websites.

Quality content is the king. To stand out from the crowd and wants to generate traffic to your blogs or websites you have to write the Quality content.

List-based articles


It is one of the best ways to attract readers who are searching for a particular topic. As the world is digitalized people more often be seen on online platforms for searching for a particular product.

The list-based articles help them in comparing the products or things that they are looking for. Today everyone loves to buy their products online as it saves their time a lot. This list based article will eventually help them to compare and find out the best for them.

Here are some ways of list based article.

How-To quality article to drive traffic to our blogs

How-To articles are the best way to write the attractive content and to gain the attention of the readers.

Think of yourself, whenever you’re in a difficult situation you always want to find a way to overcome it. The first thing which you ask yourself is “How to” overcome it. Same applies here too.

How-To articles are even SEO friendly which help you to rank your blogs in Google Indexing.

Here are some examples of How To articles.

How-To articles are even easy to write. If you have written a quality content inside it. It is going to drive lots of traffic to your blogs or websites.

Sharing of Infographics to drive traffic to our blogs

Some people find reading quite boring. So to keep their interest alive infographics is the best way to keep them attracted to your blogs or websites.

Sharing an attractive infographics in your blogs can be the best way to attract the readers and drive traffic towards your blogs or websites.

Nowadays, creating an infographic is an effortless task for your blogs. As various tools are available in the market which makes it easy.

Infographics are the best way to get your content virals from platforms like Pinterest and other social media platforms as well.

Product Review and Comparison article

People while buying an online product they use to search for their reviews. So that they can be sure whether they are buying the right product or not.

To get a value for money people use to compare certain products before buying. So writing an article on popular product will allow you to grow your blogs or websites.

However, writing a review or comparison article is an easy task. The thing you need to do is to write their specification and review what people have to say about that product.

This is an easy topic and will never go out of fashion. It keeps on trending as the company launches its product in the market now and then. It also gives you an opportunity to drive a lot of traffic to your blogs or websites.

Collaborating and Interviewing of the popular Influencers in your niche

Collaborating and Interviewing the Popular influencers in your particular niche is always the best option to drive the right amount of traffic to your blogs or websites.


People love to hear the game-changing movement of the popular Influencers. They want to know how the popular influencers use to think and how they generate their ideas. This is results lead them to read the interviews of the popular influencers.

To collaborate with the popular influencers in your niche you need to do certain research and try contacting them regarding the interviews or collaboration.

The blogging is all about self-motivation, inspirations, creative ideas, and content. This is the only way to keep you motivated and writing quality content for your blogs or websites.

Round-up post to drive traffic to our blogs

This type of post consist of experts and professionals answer to a single question.

Round-up post plays a vital role in readers life as they come across different answers and opinions to a particular question in a single place.

It is the best way to drive traffic to your site as your round-up post will be shared by the experts and the professional which you have mentioned on your blog. This will result in gaining their audience and readers as well.

Professional sharing your blog will let you reach a broader audience which eventually grows your blogs or websites.

In-depth article to drive traffic to our blogs

It is the most important part which will decide whether your post is going to be ranked or not in the search engines.

To attract the readers and to get ranked in search engines you need to write the quality article in depth.

An in-depth article means you need to write a long detailed article to get ranked on search engines. The average length of your article will be decided by the topic you write. However, if you’re explaining something make sure it touches the mark of 2000 words.

However, you have to make sure that you place your keywords at a suitable place as keywords and in-depth articles both play a major role in getting your article ranked on search engines.

There are other things as well which play a vital role in getting ranked like Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research, and many more.

Writing a quality and detailed content with more than 2000 words increases the chances of getting ranked on search engines. As lengthier the content is, the more keywords it contains. This will help in driving more traffic to your content.


In this blog, you have learned how to get an idea for your topic as well as how to generate traffic to your blogs.

When it comes to blogging, one needs to consistent. Consistency is the key to survival in this field. The more consistent you are higher the chances of you getting ranked.

So keep on writing the quality content with creative ideas. This will attract the readers eventually.

For any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section. I will be happy to help you.

For more technical stuff, stay tuned with TechRatio.


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