How to earn money from Telegram, Complete Guide for 2020


In today’s world who don’t want to earn money. Some want to earn to run their family while some want to earn just to have some extra pocket money. But one way or another everyone wants to earn some amount. Do you know that using the Telegram app you can make a good amount of money? If not then read this article completely to know how to earn money from Telegram. It will surely help you.

What is Telegram?


Telegram is one of the most popular app nowadays just WhatsApp and Facebook. Telegram is somewhat similar to WhatsApp where you can text. However, there are some other important features available which are Groups, Channels, Stickers, Bots, and many more.

There are several ways to gets your channel monetized on Telegram. But we will discuss only the important and genuine one and the one which is easy to implement.

How to earn money from Telegram?


The points which we are going to discuss is somewhat very popular and been used by most of the user. But some may find difficulties in earning the right amount the way they are putting their effort. There might be a possibility that you must not be using it accurately. There are several ways how to earn money from telegram.

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Let’s discuss the point

1. Subscription Fee to earn money from telegram

It is one of the best ways to earn money from telegram. You have come across this term quite long. This type of fee can be found on YouTube. What is the subscription fee? This type of fee is mainly taken to get you access to there premium content. It is also been used by the Telegram channel owner as well. However, there are two types

  • Public Channel:- The channel has a large number of follower base.
  • Private Channel:- The channel which is used to share only the premium content.

In this type of model mainly public channel is been promoted for ads, cross-promotion, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and other strategies. However, the private channel use to earn more as compared to the public channel.

2. Selling third party products and services

This model is implemented in day to day life. However, here we use to sell third party products and their services using our follower base to earn money from telegram.

for example: A telegram channel of selling speaker.

They use to monitor the online speaker price and when the price of the speakers goes down. Then they use to publish a post on their channel where they put the affiliate link of that product and start earning some percentage of the amount from each bought product.

3. Doing a paid post on your channel to earn money from telegram

By the term itself, you can come to know that posting an article or ad of a particular product while a certain amount of fee. Through this, you can easily earn money from telegram. Let’s consider an example: suppose you have a channel related to niche quality speakers. There are n number of channels on Telegram which will available on the same niche.

In the starting stage, the thing which you have to do is you have to take the content from the same niche and post on your channel. We need to do so to get the reach. Once you have the reach of the people related to the same niche then you start getting an offer to do paid posts on your channel. There are many channels available which charges a fixed amount of fee to do a paid post on their channel

4. Link shortener service to earn money from telegram

It is yet another way to earn money from telegram. If you are publishing a post in which link is already present, then by using a link shortener you can shorten your link and put it in your telegram channel and publish it. The benefit of all this is whenever a user clicks on that link he has to see the ads and then the original content.  Doing so will help to increase the income of the channel owner.

In today’s scenario Whatsapp status video, Movies and pictures are quite in demand. The thing which you have to do is search for the best link shortener website and shorten the link of a particular video and then publish it in on your channel.

5. Selling your product and services

Using your telegram channel you can sell your products very easily. Therefore, the thing you have to do is to just post the ad of your products and services on your channel. Let’s understand this with an example.

  • A freelancer telegram channel: This channel is all about the freelancing services. The one who is ready to pay the owner, to get his services on the particular freelancing field.
  • A sports brand which creates its telegram channel to review the sports items and to sell the particular sports item.
  • A Coaching Class creates its telegram channel to share the notes and tutorials of a particular topic just to earn some money by giving paid service.

6. Referring recharge app:

There are several apps available in the market which use to credit a certain amount of money in your Paytm account if you share their links and people downloaded their app using that link. With the help of Paytm, you can also transfer that money into your bank account very easily. Therefore, the thing which you have to do is to just find that type of app and share their link on your telegram channel and on every single download you will earn a certain amount of money in your account.

7. By selling ads

This is one of the other important models of how to earn money from telegram. It is very popular in every field. Where one uses to sell their ads on a particular telegram channel by giving them a certain amount of money. The thing which is been sell is

  • Selling other’s channel for cross-promotion.
  • Selling to Companies and brands.

8. Earning through tip on Telegram

If you are a free content creator who likes to create content on a particular field. Then you can charge for your content where people will give you a certain fixed amount of money in the form of a tip to have access to your premium content. Through this way you can earn money from telegram.

Tipping is very popular on YouTube, Blogs, and Websites. However,it slowly it is acquiring the telegram market as well.


This article How to earn money from Telegram will help you to earn money from telegram. In this article, we have discussed all the major points through which you can easily make a good amount of money from it. All you need is a little bit of effort and patience to get success.


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