How to do Facebook live game streaming


Facebook live game streaming is becoming the next big thing in the market to do and to earn a good amount of money. However, there are several platforms available in the market through which we can do live streaming and earn. Out of which the popular ones are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

Here, in this article, we will be talking about the Facebook live game streaming and how one can create a gaming page on Facebook.

To grow one can think of live streaming on Facebook as the number of active audiences it has is huge. It will help anyone to grow. If everything goes in the right direction.

To live-stream, one need to remember certain points :

1. Creating a Gaming Page

Before getting live with your gameplay on Facebook you need to have a page of your own. The dedicated gaming page will help in a lot in reaching the right audience.

You need to head towards creating a video creator page of Facebook and then find a suitable name for your Facebook live game streaming page. Do not change the category as it will help you to reach the right audience of Facebook gaming and algorithms.

Once everything is set now you can click on continue.

Now a page comes asking you to update profile photo, cover photo, description, and other information which Facebook normally shows. Just fill those details and you are ready to go.

2. Downloading the right broadcasting software for Facebook live game


To live stream on Facebook one needs to download one of many free streaming software like Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, or Xsplit. You can choose anyone you want as all functions in the same way.

For example, if you are using Streamlabs OBS to go for a Facebook game live streaming, you need to first install this software from the Streamlabs website. After downloading this program will analyze the hardware and the net speed to suggest the best performance setting for you.

You can change the setting manually also. Simply click on the settings>output>select your encoder.

Then you need to determine the bitrate for Facebook live gaming. However, Facebook mostly recommends a bitrate of 4000kbps which is considered to be suitable for most of the connections.

After this, you have to set up the keyframe interval. Set it on 2 for smooth functioning and on video side panel select an output value of 1280 x 720 @30fps. However, Facebook does support higher quality streams but to access it, you first need to be the part of the Facebook level up creator program.

3. Setting up your stream for Facebook live game

To gain the attention of your viewers on Facebook live Game Streaming, you need to have your streaming somewhat appealing. To do so, you need to add some extra elements like webcam, voiceover.

Start by creating a new scene by click on the plus button.  Name your respective scene, click done, and now you are ready to go.

To make your Facebook live game streaming attractive, we need to add some sources. Like adding webcam to the scene. Once your gameplay is live click on the “+” symbol in the Source menu and then select the ” Video Capture Device”. Select your webcam device and now you can see yourself your on the screen. One can reposition the webcam wherever you like. So find it a place where it don’t obstruct much of the information.

Audience hearing your voice through gameplay is another treat for the viewers. So make sure to add the microphone. In order to add click on “+” symbol>sources>audio capture input> microphone.

4. Going live with the GamePlay


On your Facebook live game page, located in the create bar at the top of the feed, click live. It will open up the new page called live producer. You need to copy the broadcasting stream key from here to your broadcasting software. Just go to settings>stream and paste the code where it says stream key.

After doing this just head over to the menu and create a title for your Facebook live game streaming. Make sure the title should be catchy. Make sure to tag the game you are playing. Although it’s not necessary but not doing so will help to loose your many viewers. You can also have a thumbnail for your stream video. To keep the session interactive with the viewers, you can put some poll in between.

Once all these things are been done. Its time to go live in your Facebook live game streaming software. This will bring you the preview of your stream and the health status of your stream. When everything looks good to you then hit the “Go Live” on the Live Producer Page.

After a couple of seconds you will be directed to Creator Studio page.

5: Audit your live game stream


The creator studio of Facebook is full of information such as the total number of views count, stream information, latest comment you received during the stream. Having an overview while you are playing is always a great experience. Once your Facebook live game streaming is over the Creator Studio will provide you with all the information you need, this will help you in improving your next stream.


I hope that your point for setting up the Gaming page and Going live on Facebook is been cleared. A complete guide has been provided from starting till the end of how to set up your page and to go live on it. If any queries arise feel free to drop your comment under the comment section.


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