PDF to PPT converter, Complete Guide


PDF to PPT converter is easily available on the internet. The thing you need to do is select your PDF file, upload it, and then click on convert to PPT. This one is a simple rough idea of how you can convert your file in the desired format.

In this digital world if you are working in the cooperate sector then in one or another way you have to give a presentation to make people understand your concepts. PPT is very popular as it a format for presentation which is been popularised by Microsoft Powerpoint.

PDF files are helpful in sending large amounts of text files to users, or you itself need to have the bulk of images in a single file. PDF files are good for text files. The benefit of having a PDF file is, PDF file represents the fixed layout which means it will not change its layout all though it is open in different browsers or operating systems.

In PPT files, one can insert image, animated text, number of transition effects, audio or video clips according to your needs, graphs, charts, hyperlink. These things are not possible with PDF files. One can say that PDF files are static files and PPT files are dynamic files.

PDF to PPT converter


Converting PDF to PPT files are to easy nowadays. There are n number of third party websites available on Google which will convert your desired PDF to PPT file. All though every website is not that good as there are some chances of getting spammed. So always go for the genuine one. The one having the highest rating. The one I will recommend is smallpdf. This website is fully operational with both mobile and computer. The thing you need to do is to select the PDF file and upload it. This thing is done for free.

Steps to follow

  1. Visit smallpdf.com.
  2. Choose the PDF file. The best thing is you get the option to upload your PDF file from Google Drive and Dropbox as well.
  3. Once the uploading gets completed, you need not have to do anything. It directly convert it into PPT as you can see in the image.
  4. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to download it and store it in your device or want to upload it on Google Drive or Dropbox.
  5. The best part here is your file automatically gets removed from there server after one hour of uploading. So you need not have to worry related to the privacy of your files.

PDF to PPT converter with OCR

If you want to convert your PDF to PPT file with the help of OCR then you can go for pdf2go.com. This website will help you to convert your PDF to PPT with OCR. It’s completely free. You can also do it offline with the help of Adobe Acrobat DC. No doubt this is one of the amazing software for these things but the condition here is one need to pay for the subscription. Although free trial for seven days is been provided. Where you can use all of its features. If you liked them you can go for the subscription.

Steps to follow

  1. Visit pdf2go.com.
  2. Upload the file which you want to convert from PDF to PPT.
  3. Apply the setting in which version you want your PDF to be converted into PPT.
  4. Select the option convert with OCR. After that click on the start button.
  5. Click on download. You can even go for further edit according to your wish.

Besides this, you can also use Microsoft PowerPoint for this process. However, for that, you will need to convert your PDF file into Word document first. After that only you will able to convert your Word document into PPT.

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PDF to PPT converter is easily available nowadays. As everything is easily available on the internet. This article is all about the basic guide on how to convert PDF to PPT. Hope you liked it and got some basic information regarding this. 



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