Policy violation on your site, how to improve it


Everyone, in particular, wants to earn some money by displaying their talent either on the digital field or on a normal field(office works). If you are interested in blogging who use to write some good content related to any topic and want to show your talent then Google Adsense is the best platform to earn some good money in return. However, there are some rules which need to be followed. If not then an error message will be displayed showing policy violation on your site.

What if have your blog website on WordPress or Blogger. Your unique content but somehow your website is not getting approved in Google Adsense. This may result in thinking that what has the benefit of all this. Your website keeps on getting rejected. A message like “Policy violation on your site“. Keeps on coming.

How to overcome it? As Google says if your website follows all the privacy policy norms of Google Adsense, Then your website is ready to show ads.

There are some rules which you have to follow while writing. If any rules violate then a text like Policy violation on your site will start be displaying and then you are not going to have a Google Adsense approval for your website


Rules to follow.

1. Choose a Top-Level domain for Google Adsense

Google simply doesn’t approve your website because you have written some genuine and unique content. Your domain should be a quality domain else your website will keep on getting rejected. Quality domain are .com, .in, .net. However, in the case of Blogspot, your website will be approved for an AdSense as it is the product of Google itself.

2. Go for New Content for Google Adsense

Content is a king. Going for a new content will always have a plus point in getting AdSense approved for your website. What does this mean? Suppose you are writing an article on a topic on which already a million articles are there. Then Google takes this as a Policy violation on your site. So always go for a unique and latest content on which the number of written articles are less.

3. Number of posts

This question keeps on arising that what should be the ideal post limit which one should write before applying for an AdSense. There is no policy made available for the number of posts by Google AdSense. You can even write n number of posts and then go for AdSense. What is mostly preferred is one should have at least 20-25 genuine and unique content on its website. If you write an article of 300-400 words then consider the ideal post limit is 40-45. However, If your article uses to be of 700 words or more than the ideal post limit is of 20-25. If your website has an article with more content than the chance for AdSense approval gets increased.

4. On what language your website should be


Several questions keep on arising on what language our blog website should be. Google AdSense has its chart for the type of language which it supports. A language rather than the suggested Adsense language will be treated as a Policy violation on your site.

5. Ratio between image and content

Some people while writing a content attaches more images in their article. That’s considered to be bad. The ratio which one should follow is of 70:30. 70% should be the content and 30% should be the images.

6. Keeping your website clean

Before applying to an AdSense make sure that your website looks clean. For example:- Don’t go for extra CSS to make your website look colorful or attractive. It will have a negative impact. Try to go for light colors and if a WordPress user tries to go for a lighter themes.

7. Important Pages necessary for Google Adsense

Some pages are compulsory to be present on one’s website. The pages are Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Us. These three pages need to be present on the website else an error message of Policy violation on your site will be displayed.

8. Alternative ad network

There are n number of third party websites that provide ads to run on the website. Never go for it if you are applying for an AdSense else it will be considered as a policy violation on your site. If you have already applied the third party ad code on your website. Remove it and then apply for the AdSense. For example:- Third ad party network are Adsterra and many more.

9. Illegal content

If you have any article published related to the content which is considered to be illegal. Then my friend just forget about the Google AdSense network. Google will never approve of your website. The illegal contents are for example Gambling, Adult Content, Drug Abuse, Hacking, Casino. Before applying for an AdSense make sure that such type or article should not be present on your website or else it will be considered as a policy violation on your site.

10. Free copyright article for Google Adsense

While writing content don’t simply cut, copy, paste on your website from other websites. Thinking that while doing so you will get the AdSense approval than you are wrong. Google use to check every indexed page. So never go for it. Never try to use the copyright image in your article which is easily available on Google else policy violation on your site will be considered. If you have the permission to use the copyright image than only go for it else never opt this option. You can download a free copyright image from pixabay.com.

11. Total number of visitors

There is no such policy in Google AdSense for the number of visitors a website should have. However, third party alternative ad companies use to have it. A website having zero visitors is also qualified and a website having 1000 unique visitors also qualifies. Never try to buy your visitors as it will impact your website in the long go. Try to keep it genuine. However, first of all, you should try to get some visitors on your website then only go for AdSense. A website having an approved AdSense with no visitors will not going to help you earn.

12. User-friendly website for Google Adsense

Your website should be easy to navigate. It should be Mobile as well as Desktop friendly. Don’t try to use unnecessary widgets and images. As a result, it will increase the page loading time which is not good for your site health.

13. Do not Spin article

Don’t use any online website or plugin to spin the article. It is against the Adsense policy and an error message will be generated showing policy violation on your site. If you have a spin article on your website. Remove it, and then apply for the Adsense.


Implements all this point on your website and your website will be all set to get a Google AdSense approval. If you find this article helpful share among your friends.


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