SEO, A Step-by-Step Optimization for a website in 2020


Today’s in the 21st century everything is coming on an online platform whether it is a clothing shop or grocery shop. Sooner or later after a few years, we will see that everything is going to be digitalized. This happens because everyone is marking their presence online. To get your product ranked one needs to perform a certain task like Digital Marketing and one of the main factor is SEO.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

It is a technique through which we can reach to our specific customer with the help of the Internet. There are different types of Digital Marketing like Content Writing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing(SMM), and many more.

But behind the scene, the thing which works is your SEO(Search Engine Optimization). If you don’t know about Digital Marketing or SEO then you have come to the right place here every bit will be explained in detail. The main focus will be on SEO.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This thing is mainly used by the owner to rank its website or blog on search engine page results. It can be better understood as optimizing your content in such a way that your content appears at the top of the search result.

Benefits of SEO

If you have your website and you generally post some unique kinds of stuff on it, and using that unique stuff you want to earn some money. It can only happen when your content reaches to maximum and people generally seems to like it.

There is no use of such a website which don’t get visitors daily. There are various ways to get visitors on your website like linking to direct visitors, from social media, paid advertising, etc. However, the most amazing among all this is organic traffic, which directly comes from the search engine and this is possible with proper SEO.

Do you think people will automatically come to your website as you post the stuffs related to their interest? No, my dear friend, you need to do proper SEO in your content so that it reaches to maximum. And, once it reached out you will start earning a good amount.

After doing a proper SEO the benefits are obvious like free organic traffic months after months.

Although you have read quite a lot that you need to do a proper SEO. But one thing which keeps coming on your mind is “How you generally optimize your content for SEO, and what factors matters in ranking”?

To understand this you first need to understand the working of Search Engine.

Working of Search Engine

In today’s world, one can say that the Search Engine is a digital library where instead of storing copies of books it stores copies of web pages. When we use to search for specific information using our browser on Google, it goes through all the pages storing information related to your query and then display the most relevant one.

To perform such a task it uses a computer program known as Algorithm. However, no one knows how the algorithm works instead google itself provides us the clue how it works. It works on many factors such as the “words of your query, relevance and usability of pages, expertise of sources and your location and settings”.

Working of SEO

SEO works on demonstrating the search engine that your content is the best result for the particular search query. This happens because all search engines have the same goal to show the best result to their users.

Precisely optimizing is done while considering a particular search engine. For example, if you want to have organic traffic to your webpages then you need to work according to Google’s algorithm. However, if you want to have more views on your YouTube videos then you need to work according to its algorithm.

All search engine has their ways and algorithms to rank a particular website and their SEO techniques. However, we will cover the biggest of them all “Google”. How to get your website to optimize as it captures the 92% of the online search market.

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Optimizing website according to Google

There are several factors through which Google search engine checks and ranks a website. There’s no one which knows all of them. But with some research and experience, we know some important ones which we are going to share.

Google use to rank Webpages and not the Websites

Just because your business makes the finest bed doesn’t mean that every page on your website will be ranked for the same query that is “finest bed”.

You can use different keywords as well as related to your business to rank your different Webpages on search engine.

Now let’s see what are the things which affect the visibility and the rankings of the Webpages.

Crawling of a Website

Crawling of a Website

Before ranking your content on Google it needs to know first that it even exists. Google uses various methods to discover new content on the web. One of them is crawling where Google follows the links of the webpages that Google already known and about to the pages that haven’t seen before. To this task, Google uses a program known as Spider.

How Spider usually index you Webpages?

Let’s suppose your homepage has a backlink from a website that has already been indexed. Next time when the spider comes to crawl that website, they will follow the link to discover your homepage and likely add it to their index. From there it will crawl the links available on your homepage to discover other pages of website and index it.

There are some factors which can block the spider to crawl a particular page.

  • Poor Internal Linking: Google relies on Internal Linking to crawl all the pages on the website. Pages failed to have internal linking often won’t get crawled.
  • Noindexed pages: You can remove pages from Google index using noindex meta tag or http header. If other pages on your website have internal links from nonindex pages, there is a chance that Google won’t find them.
  • Nofollowed Internal Links: Internal links containing Nofollow tags won’t get crawled by the spider.
  • Robots.txt: Robots.txt file is a text file that tells Google crawler where to go and where not to. If pages are blocked here, it won’t get crawled.


Mobile Friendly

In today’s world, nearly 60-65% of the traffic comes from mobile searches. There’s no surprise that in the coming years this number will keep on increasing. However, 8 out of 10 consumers would stop engaging with your content if it didn’t display well on their device.

In simple words, most people will hit the back button once the website starts getting loaded in the Desktop version on your mobile. This is important because Google wants to keep its user satisfied. Pages that aren’t optimized well for the mobile version will lead to dissatisfaction. So SEO friendly page is must for mobile version. And even if somehow you get to rank your webpage to the top you cannot retain your user.

You can check out whether your webpage is mobile friendly or not.

Pagespeed of a Website

By the term itself, you have understand that how fast your page load. It’s a ranking factor on both Desktop and Mobile.

Why? Because once again Google needs to satisfy its user. If the user clicks on a particular page and it takes time to load then it will lead to dissatisfaction.

You can check out the pagespeed of your website.

Search Intent for SEO

Finding a keyword or keywords for SEO to rank your website is very important.

To understand it properly, let’s see this with an example.

Find out the current result of a query for the Finest bed and compare the result with query fine bed

Despite being the similarity between two keywords Google shows two completely different results. But how is it possible? Google understands the motive first behind the search and then display the content accordingly. This is what search intent in action.

How will you optimize your content accordingly?

Look at the top-ranking pages and analyze it thoroughly that did they follow some patterns or formats.

There are three types of search intent

  • Content-Type
  • Content Angle
  • Content Format


Google ranking algorithm is mostly based on the Pagerank. In simple terms, pages having more backlinks will rank higher.
If you are new to the game then it will be a little bit challenging, especially to a certain type of content like product pages.
There are tons of link building techniques. However, if you are new to the game try to build link with your best informational content(e.g. Blog Post)

Authority of a Website

It means the source from where you are getting the backlink. All the backlinks are not of the same rank. A backlink from higher-authority pages will be more valuable than from the low-authority pages. However, the Google discontinued the public Pageranks in 2016. But you check the DA, PA, and the Spam Score of a particular website before getting a backlink from them.

A page having higher Domain Authority(DA), Page Authority(PA) will help you to get a good quality backlink as well as unique visitors but do remember the spam score of a website should be less.

Good Content Quality for SEO

Google keeps on ranking the top Content Quality only which is easy to understand and informative.

Things which need to take care of :

  • Use short sentences and paragraphs: As it is a web content, not an essay.
  • Stick to 7th or 8th-grade reading level: most people read at this level only
  • Link to useful resources where necessary: Make your content as valuable as possible. Don’t rush about the “hoarding PageRank”
  • Avoid big walls of the text: Don’t create a wall of text without any image or quotes. Try to make it skimmable.


Knowing how SEO and Search engine works these days and the attributes they are looking for to rank your content is crucial when trying to create a content which ranks. However, we all know the algorithm of Google keeps on changing from time to time and no one knows the complete of it. But it doesn’t mean that one should get to a panic mode. There are some aspects which didn’t change till the time and there are no possibilities of changing shortly. They are factors like Backlinks, Authority, and Search Intent.



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