Top 10 apps of 2020, which you must try once


There are n number of apps available on the play store whose main motive is to just ease your task somehow. Here is the list of top 10 apps of 2020 that you must try once.



It is a photo editor app which edits your normal photo into a professional one in just a single click.

This app makes the cutout and photo editing amazingly simple and fun. Therefore, with the help of this app, you can easily cut out the photo, change the background as well as erase the background. PickU also has a blur and a portrait beauty effects. It is one of the most amazing apps out of top 10 apps of 2020.

Snow App


It is a camera app through which you can easily edit your image into a professional one in just a single tap. It help us to take profile worthy selfies with its AR beauty makeup features. You can also edit your video with the help of this app. Although, the best part is its seasonal filters and the number of stickers available. It has more than 200 million-plus users.



As the smartphone industry is heading towards the advancement of the mobile industry, they are just removing the notification light from the phones. Notification light is the important part though as it helps in knowing that an unseen message is been there which needs your presence. The best part of Notifybuddy is it comes up with cool animation on the lock screen, where animation like superman, android, and many others can be seen. In order to use it, you need to give notification to access permission to this app.

Hide App


If you always wanted an app which helps you in reading the messages of the popular messaging app without coming in the notice of the one who sends it. Hide basically free you from no read receipts, no checkmark, no double blue tick, or last seen. The best part is you get access to all the popular messaging app under one app only. Therefore, you can reply to the messages from the Hide app itself. Although the message is from Whatsapp or Messenger. You can even read the deleted messages too on the Hide app.



This app helps us to display a music visualizer over almost all of the screen. However, it doesn’t display on the lock screen. Although, under this app, you get to have various design customization options available through which you can choose which one fits you the best. The features it provides while playing music is amazing, that’s why it made its position secure in the top 10 apps of 2020.

The other features it includes are

  • Unlimited color customization
  • Display over other apps
  • It can be set as a navigation bar visualizer.

Silent Eye App


This app will help you to catch all the mobile intruders of yours with ease. For security reasons, this app made its position in top 10 apps of 2020. This app will ease your task of catching your friends and family when they try to access your phone.

Features it includes

  • It will automatically captures the photo of the one with the front camera when someone try to access your phone while entering the wrong pin, pattern, or password.
  • If correct pin, pattern, or password is entered to unlock the phone, this app will show the picture who tries to unlock it.
  • It will notify you about the wrong attempts when you unlock the phone.
  • Last Unlock Time features will show you the previous unlock time. So with the help of it, you can easily come to know whether your phone is been accessed by someone or not without being acknowledged by you.
  • You can easily send a message on Whatsapp without saving the particular number.



If you are the one who loves to keep amazing wallpaper on your screen, then this app will be the best choice for you. As it comes up with HD, 4K and Ultra HD wallpapers and live wallpapers. It gains its position in the top 10 apps of 2020 because of the quality of the image it provides for the wallpaper.

Features it includes

  • New wallpapers every day
  • Live wallpapers
  • Lots of categories to choose from
  • Scrolling wallpapers

Mi Control Center


You can say this is one of the powerful customization apps in these top 10 apps of 2020. It will completely change your user experience from MIUI to iOS in a few steps. Mi Control Center can separate quick settings from your notification. Therefore, swipe from top to down on the left side of the screen will help you to read the notifications and on the right side to control the device settings.

Grubl App


This app comes up with 4D parallax and live 3D/HD wallpaper + ringtones. The best thing about this app is it allows you to use two different live wallpapers at the same time. One at lock screen and other at the home screen. It is also a type of wallpaper app-only where you get to see the different modes available in order to make your phone unique with no cost charge.



This app helps us to open and search any app or settings from anywhere in the phone. This app keeps bubble just below your thumb which comes to be handy to open any app on just a single click.

Features it includes

  • Search for any contact by just double-tapping the icon available.
  • Swipe right on the desired contact to open the Whatsapp chat.
  • Swipe left on contact to open up the phone dial section.
  • Shortcut to turn WiFi on/off.
  • Shortcut to turn Bluetooth on/off.
  • and many more.

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This top 10 apps of 2020 will help you in one or another way. You must try this app for once as it comes up with some unique features in it. If you liked this article, please share it on the social media platform. So that your friends might come to know about the top 10 apps of 2020.

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