Top 10 cool gadgets of 2020


No matter who you are and what you are somehow you wanted to make your life much easy as well as much interesting in this lockdown. From listening to music on really good quality of speaker to controlling the LED bulb of your house. Here we came up with the top 10 cool gadgets of 2020 which you can buy online.


In today’s world everything can be smart and if yes? Then why not our Gadgets. The Wi-Fi Smart LED bulb can be controlled through Wifi. This bulb gives natural warm white light and saves energy and if you are feeling too tired to go for the switch just turn on the bulb through the app or with an Alexa voice control device.

2. Engraving Pens


This amazing gadget is one of my personal favorites and I do use it quite often. With the help of this amazing product you can engrave anything in particular on any type of surface whether it is a wood or metal to glass or ceramic one can add a personal touch with the help of it while gifting anything to our loved ones.

3. Digital Notepad


If you are the one who often uses to create notes then this amazing gadget is for you only. This Digital notepads are highly durable and reusable and comes with a stylus. One can erase writing by just touching a button. It is environmentally friendly as you can write and write and it lasts for writing approx 1 lakh time. These notepads can often be used for calculating, meme, creating notes. In 2020, Go paperless and buy this Digital Notepads. Let’s take one step today to save our environment.

4. LED glass


If you are a party-loving person who goes to bar quite often for the party and often takes shots too but due to this lockdown you are bound to sit at home so you must try this cool LED Glass which don’t only need alcohol to light it up. This water-activated glasses are the perfect pick for 2020 during this lockdown and it can even be used as decorated items. One can get a set of two under ₹500.

5. Magnifier Projector


If you are a smartphone lover who travels quite often and loves to watch TV series or movies on your device then this cool gadget is for you only. This portable magnifier projector helps you to turn out your small display into a mini projector. It’s lightweight, foldable, and portable. You can even gift this to your younger siblings as a present on their birthday. It is easily available under ₹500.

6. USB cable bracelet


This bracelet from outside looks the same as a normal bracelet but it’s not. It can be used for multi-purpose like data transferring or charging your device with the help of it. One can even wear this from while matching your dress. This beaded bracelet can be gifted to your sister making sensible for dual-purpose gifting item which is available under ₹500.

7. OTG


When the storage of your smartphone fails then the OTG comes into the context. It nothing but an alternative of a hard disk as everyone doesn’t have laptops to store useful information. To resolve this issue we have come here with a solution known by the name OTG pen drive. They are super useful as you can store all the useful information into it and whenever you need to access that data simply plug it in your smartphone.

8. Periscopic Prism Glass


All those who find difficulties to get proper posture for your body while watching TV and which often gives you body pain or neck pain then you must go for this. What you have to do is simply wear these glasses and lies comfortably on your bed or couch and have a comfortable reading or watching without giving unnecessary pain to your body.

9. Echo Dot Smart speaker from Amazon


The world is getting smart as every second passes by then why not us. This is Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Smart Speaker which is full of AI. These smart speakers can be your friends if you have not one to talk. It can play music according to your choice, crack a joke, and even answers to your questions. Over 15K+ skills are present in Amazon Echo. It can be helpful for studies if used wisely.

10. Transparent Calculator


While reading the name itself you get a complete picture of such a calculator. It looks amazing right. Although calculating part can be easily done with the help of smartphone as well but it will often give you other distractions as well. So keeping away that distractions one can easily switch to this cool looking transparent calculator for solving mathematical sums.


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