Top 15 offline games under 200MB in 2020


Playing games to refresh your mind is always a better idea. However, if the game is offline than its like cherry on top. Everyone likes to play a game which is having higher graphics as well as good control with a good story in it. Although, every game don’t fulfill every criterion. However, there are some which give a satisfactory feeling once you have completed the GamePlay. If you are looking for some best offline games to play during this pandemic. Then here is the list of top 15 offline games with higher graphics and even of less file size.

1. Cliff Rider(offline game)

If you guys love to play a solo racing offline game then this is all about the same. This game is all about downhill cycle racing where you get the option to perform stunts as well as collecting the coin at the same time while cycling. With the help of coins, you can unlock different characters as well as different customized cycles. The best part is this game is available under 57MB.

2. Delivery Z: Food Courier Simulator

In this game, you will be a delivery boy whose main task is to deliver the food on time. However, this is not it. The main task starts now. Once you take the delivery package to its location you will find Zombies on the way. Where you have to fight with them and at the same time you have to keep an eye on the time as you to deliver the package in time. To fight with zombies you get a bat only. So while taking fight make sure that you hit them hard and keep your health safe. This offline game is available under 51MB.

3. World of Bugs(offline game)

This game is an open-world game like GTA V. In this game the world is full of Bugs. However, the amazing part is this Bugs have its jetpack, airplane, tanks, F1 car, and many more. This thing can be unlocked once you complete its mission as well as with the help of a coin. This game is available under 97MB.

4. Fruit Racing

In this game, you have to collect the small fruits while racing and have to avoid the big fruits as they are considered to be an obstacle here. The best part of this offline game is its graphic. You will get addicted to once you start playing as the upcoming levels come to be more interesting. This game is available under 91MB.

5. Synthrun(offline game)

In this game, the task is to take out your character from the dynamic world as it got stuck there somehow. Here the character has 4 different power which you can use them while needed. All the levels are super amazing from one another. This game is available under 66MB.

6. The Block Hero

It is a puzzle type game where you have to solve the puzzle to save your queen. Although, you can take the help of different things available under the GamePlay to make the task easy. It is available under 82MB.

7. Major Gun

This game is a first puzzle shooter game where you have to save your city from an unwanted person. Here you get access to different weapons which you can use them while saving the city. This game is going to be super addictive once you start playing this game. It is available under 92MB.


8. UBI’s Dimensions

It is a 3d mind testing puzzle offline game where you have to solve the puzzle to get out of the space. Therefore, you can check out this game if you are getting bored and wanted to solve some puzzles. It is available under 69MB.

9. Ultimate Offroad Simulator

As the name suggests this game is all about Offroad driving. Where you get different SUVs which you can ride them and complete the task. The task here is a little difficult. But once you start playing it will become super addictive. This game is available under 99MB.

10. White flame(offline game)

It is a fantasy adventure game where you have to survive to win the game. Therefore, you have to find all the necessary items which make livelihood possible. It is one of the top 15 offline games which I will recommend. This game is available under 76MB.

11. Hellrider 3

It is a bike racing game where you have to make sure that you come first to win the game. However, in this game, you will get many power-ups that you can use them on your opponent to keep them away from the track. This game is super addictive. It is available under 74MB.

12. Cyber fortress

It is a battle royale game like PUBG. The graphics and the UI are similar to the Fortnite. However, the thing which makes it unique from other battle royale game is its teleport feature. With the help of it you can go from one location to another. Even one can find the floating space in the game. This game is available under 119MB.

13. Bright Ridge(offline game)

It is an open world adventurous story game. Here the character is found to be in the forest. The interesting thing is it has its pet. We have to complete the task to win the game. However, the graphic of the game is amazing. You get the feature to use cheat code too. It is one of the most amazing games in the top 15 offline games. It is available under 201MB.

14. Go To Car Driving 3

It is an open-world game like GTA V where you have to perform a certain task to collect some coins. Therefore, you can buy drones, helicopter with the help of a coin. Although the controls of this game are not up to the mark. This game is available under 178MB.

15. Truck Driver 2

It is an off-road car game where you find a certain task to perform. The graphic of this offline game is amazing. The best part of the game is physics simulation is been used under GamePlay. Whenever you climb the hill or goes down with the car you will feel it. In this game, you get to have 15 different realistic weather mode. Here you get number of GamePlay where you play it either offline or online. It is available under 92MB.


Everyone likes to play the game irrespective of the age. However, the category may be different. In this article, we have talked about the top 15 offline games which have the minimum requirement to play it. Hope you liked it. If yes, then please share it on social media.

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