Top 8 cool tips and tricks for Android in 2020


From the day smartphone came in the market, there were only two major operating system which were ruling in the market like no one else does.
1. Android
2. IOS

Android as of now is the most popular operating system in the current smartphone market scenario. The reason for Android being so popular is the cost for the Android operating system is cost-effective and it is easy to use. Android is the product of Google. According to the facts, Android captures 86% of the smartphone market. The best of Android can be seen in Google Pixel Deices. Rest 12-13% market is been captured by IOS operating system. This is the product of Apple. Apple uses this in their devices as of now. The reason being for the small market capture as compared to Android is, the Apple devices come under the premium segment and the price of the Smartphone is comparatively high as compared to the Android devices.

Talking about Android Tips and Tricks.

Here are some cool Android Tips and Tricks of 2020 which you all must know.

1. Threads from Instagram


This is an official app launched by Instagram itself and is been easily available on the play store. Once you downloaded this app you can easily log in to your Instagram by a single tap as it is an official app from Instagram itself. After login a list of people will be displayed on your screen under the name choose a close friend. You have to select your close friend, but you can select anyone on Instagram who don’t even know you or you might even select your ex who doesn’t even bother about you or follow you. You can select as many number of friends as much as you want. Once you have selected your close friends list you will come towards your homepage screen. At the top you will find your DP displaying on the screen. You have to just tap on it and a list of status will be shown to you like eating, watching, etc. You will even find a + button on it and after tapping on it you can update your status according to your wish.

And here comes the best part of this app whatever status you have updated this status will be shown to each and everyone whom you have selected as a close friend. If you have a question in your mind like Did they need to install this app or not? The answer is no, they do not need to install this app to see your status. Your status will be automatically displayed in their message section.

2. See back the notification which you have swiped away.

Have you ever swiped away all your notification in a Hurry!. And later you realized that you have just missed such an important notification. But recently you were in Hurry so you have swiped away all your notification so it will again take your time to open the random app and check all the notification which is not even important to you because you just swiped away your notification. This will again take your time and you will just get irritated and nothing else. But don’t worry we have got your back.

Just long-press and hold your Home Screen so that the screen-adjusting mode shows up. Once the screen-adjusting mode shows up just tap on widgets and look for Setting shortcut widget which looks similar to basic settings gear. Next, drag it somewhere to the home screen which will be followed by a pop-list allowing you to select from accessibility, app info, battery, and many more. You just search “notification log” and select it. Once you selected it you will able to see all your previous notification from all the apps with the time of appearance using the shortcut.

Important tip: One can use this trick to read the WhatsApp message which has been deleted by the sender using Delete For Everyone option.

3. SayCheese


By the name itself one can easily understand that this is what something related to the camera section. One can use this app while taking the pictures or for video recording. To use the feature of this app you need to have two phones with you and in both phone this app need to be installed. The phone has a better camera that can be used for taking the pictures and the other phone can be used as a display screen which will show you the picture. After seeing you can adjust the frame according to your wish if it is not appropriate. Once the frame is been set you can click a button on your remote phone and the picture will be clicked.

The best part is you don’t even need to share the picture the picture will automatically be saved on both the phones.

4. Track your Phone.


Have you ever lost your phone at some random place? If yes, then you might have an awful experience like I have. Most of the people at some point have misplaced their phone once or twice. And you know what the worst part is if we kept it in silent mode. Then there is no other way to get your phone back except using Google’s Find My Phone App.

Android has some useful features in it and the most important feature is if you ever added a Google account to your device then it automatically Find My Device feature turns on. So now whenever you lost your phone just head over to in any browser and just login to the same account. Now, you can easily see the location of the device as well as you can erase all the data available on your phone remotely. You can even lock it down while displaying a message or make it ring loud despite your phone being in silent mode. The most important part is your lost device must have access to the internet and location is turned on.

5. Super Status Bar


With the help of this app you can customize your Status Bar. You might be thinking what this status bar is? The status bar is something where battery percentage, date, and time is been shown. So if you are bored and thinking of making your phone look interesting then you can do it to give your phone a little bit of new experience.

6. Prevent people to enter in a specific app on your phone.

There comes a time when your family members ask your phone to do some task and we keep them waiting for some time and in the background we are just hiding some pictures or videos or deleting them. But do you know there’s a way in Android devices to hide this with few button presses? So you can lend your phone to anyone for some moment and they will be only be locked to one area until you enter your phone’s lock screen code. By doing this they can only use some part of your phone unless you put the code back.

You can easily enable this feature in your phone you just need to follow certain steps.

Go to Settings and then click on the security option and then just simply turn on the Screen Pinning mode. When turned on, open the app your loved ones use to see. That’s all now anyone can use your phone with certain apps only.

7. Encrypt your data 


It’s always a good idea to keep your data safe as it is the most valuable thing in today’s world. You can manually Encrypt your data available on your phone so that no outsider can decrypt your data without Pin or Password. To use this feature you just need to go on Settings > Security > Encrypt.

It will take your certain time if you have not encrypted your phone’s data before. This result will slow your phone down if you are using the older version of Android but again the thing which you are doing is valuable.

8. Control your Computer from your smartphone from anywhere

Google’s Remote Work area application makes utilizing your Android to control your PC from anyplace a breeze. You don’t need to introduce any substantial programming, and arrangement is quick to the point that you can be ready for action in under ten minutes. Hell, possibly five minutes in case you’re acceptable at performing multiple tasks. There are two parts to this establishment procedure. On one hand, you have to introduce and arrange the Chrome application on your PC. On the other, you need to get the Android Application from the Google Play store.

It’s an adaptable procedure, however, how about we start with the PC side of things. To start with, download the Chrome Remote Work area application in the Chrome Store. Once the application is introduced, the interface will direct you through a chain of prompts. Simply adhere to the guidelines and award the application the authorizations it needs, and you’ll be a great idea to go in a matter of seconds.

After the Chrome Remote Work area is introduced, you will be incited to give a 6-digit PIN. Recollect this number since you will require it to get to your PC from your Android gadget.

Discussing your Android gadget, go get that thing, and how about we get the other portion of this procedure polished off. On your telephone, download the Chrome Remote Work area application in the Play Store. No inconveniences here; simply introduce the application, open it up, tap the name of the PC you simply designed, and afterward enter the PIN you made.

You would now be able to control your PC utilizing your phone from anyplace.



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