Whatsapp feature all must try in 2020


WhatsApp is been very popular among all the age groups. WhatsApp feature from sharing photos to documents one keeps on using according to its need. Seeing the popularity of WhatsApp among the user’s company keeps on coming up with some interesting features to make the experience more user-friendly.

Here are some interesting WhatsApp feature all must know.

Stopping the timer of the WhatsApp status

There comes the time when some of your friends and relatives post a long text in WhatsApp status and you need to read it completely. But eventually, we all know that the WhatsApp feature for status doesn’t stand for a long go. However, you have to read it completely. To do so, you simply press your one finger on the screen as it stops the timer and you can read it completely.

There is one trick which will give the freedom to your fingers and you can take as much time as you want and the status will not disappear. To use this WhatsApp feature you just need to tap the status screen with your three fingers at the same time and see the status timer stops running. Now, you can read the text as long as you want. The status is not going to disappear.

To check if your number has been saved by the other


To know whether the person whom you are chatting with soo long has saved your number or not. There are many WhatsApp features available to know whether the other person has saved your number or not. Like profile picture, status, last seen is been showing or not. But what if the other person has kept its privacy public. Then it’s been obvious that everything will be shown to you. But the question remains the same whether he has saved you number or not.

To check so, you have to simply use a Whatsapp feature known as a broadcast message. Create a broadcast group and just add the person and one another as the second one is mandatory. Now, forward a message in a group. Now what you have to do is just select the message you have to send and press the I button. If the name of the person appears in the seeing list. Then it means your number is been saved. But if not then it means that your number has been not saved.

To save the storage

Most of you know that Whatsapp has a feature through which it uses to take the backup of the chats daily at 2:00 clock in night. This backup can be seen under the folder Whatsapp>Databases.

If you want to have immediate storage space to have some additional files. You can delete the Database stored message which is been taken by one of many WhatsApp features. This can save up to GB of space if you chat too much. However, WhatsApp keeps on deleting this backup file from time to time. But you can do it too if there’s a need of urgent storage requirement

To know the first message and its time on WhatsApp

There comes the time when the curiosity arises that how our conversation has been started. What was the first message and on what time and date it has been delivered? To see it there no random function available on WhatsApp which will directly take you to the first message.

You can only reach it there through scrolling. If the chats between you two are quite long then it may take some time to reach there. This made easy here. There comes a WhatsApp feature where you have to simply open the chat of that person and then click on the three-dot button present in the top right corner. Then click on the More>Export chat. On clicking it there comes the option whether you want to export with media or without media. Just click on what you want. And then just send those Export chat to any of your contacts or on your own another WhatsApp. Then open it and you will be seeing the first message without any extra effort.

Sending video on WhatsApp

WhatsApp feature allow you to send video directly from your status itself.

If some of your friends keep on asking to send the video which you have posted on the status. To send the video you have to go to your file manager and search it and then share it with your friend. This takes some of your extra time.

But now you can share it from your status only. The place where you find out the number of views your status has got till now, there comes the availability of the share button too. So you can send it from then and there itself.

Copying the message

All of you must be knowing how to copy the message in WhatsApp. One just need to press and hold the message the one which you want to copy. A copy button will appear on the top right corner. By clicking on it and your message will be copied.

What if the message which you want to copy is written with the photo on it. With the help of WhatsApp feature, this thing made easy. You need to do is just open the picture and then click on the message area you want to copy and your message will be copied.


Whatsapp is one of the most used chatting app. We all want to make our user-experience more friendly from time to time. Keeping this in mind this features has been shared with you guys. I hope, you liked it.


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