How to write a perfect meta description? Learn in 12 points


Every website comes with its description. Meta Description plays a vital role in ranking your website in Google SERPs. If you don’t know what description is and how it plays a vital role in ranking then just be with me for another 4-5 minutes and you will come to know about it.

But, before going ahead let me raise some questions to you.

  • How many characters do you use for your blog description?
  • How to make a unique and attractive description for your blog?

If you are a little bit confused about the meta description and how to optimize it, stick with me for 4-5 minutes and your problem will get over. However, to rank higher in Google SERPs, it is essential to write Search Engine Optimized and User-friendly blog description.

Lets begin the topic.

While searching on Google the text we type is known as the keyword. Using the typed keyword, Google displays the results best fitted. The displayed results are in the form of title and description. The heading of the post is known as the title and the 2-3 line described below is known as the meta description of the post. It is also known as blog description as well. It can also be seen as a summary of your article. You can use a maximum of 160 characters in your meta description.

Why Meta Description is important? (Why Blog Description is important?)

While searching on Google, you can see Google only shows the URL, title, and meta description. It means that Google is more focused on the title and blog description you write. So, it plays a vital role in ranking and getting organic click to your blogs.


Users while searching for any particular topic notice blog descriptions first. If your blog description is unique, attractive, and clickable, then the chances of a user clicking on your article will be higher than compared to another ranking articles. However, Google notices that if your article gets more click than the other top-ranking article, Google will push your organic ranking much higher.

The most important thing which needs your attention is the description written for the article. It is also known as a blog post meta description. However, when you write a description for your homepage it is known as blog description. Therefore, you have to write the description for both the article and the homepage. You have to write the homepage description for once but for the article, it keeps on changing according to the topic discussed.

Where to write description for homepage and article?

If you are using any WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO or Rank Math. Go to the page section and click on the edit homepage. Then scroll down to the bottom and click on edit snippet button. Although, this section will only be visible if you have installed Yoast SEO or Rank Math WordPress plugins.

Therefore, you can write or edit the description for your homepage. Like this only you write a description for your other pages as well.

Therefore, to write a description for an article, you have to click on the edit post section and scroll down to the edit snippet section. Here, you can edit the title, permalink, and meta description of your article.

Points to remember to write a perfect meta description. (How to write a perfect meta description?)


1. Keywords: You must use primary keywords in your meta description. It will help you to get your article pulled by search engines because of relevancy. If you are using Rank Math you get a feature of adding more than one keyword in your focus keyword. However, in Yoast SEO you get to add only one keyword in focus keyword.

2. Use Persuasive words: Almost all e-commerce websites use power words in their product description to increase the conversion ratio. Therefore, It rises near about 34% of the chance that users will buy the product. Power keywords are like New, Better, Updated. So use it while writing a description.

3. Forbid using duplicate description: Most of the new bloggers do this type of mistake. They use the same blog description for other content as well. In addition, this will ultimately affect their ranking. So forbid using duplicate meta descriptions. In conclusion, write a unique description for every article.

4. Investigational words: If you are writing a review article for any products use investigational words in it. Words like best, top, list, etc can be used in the title and in the meta description as well.

5. Write Unique Description: Most of the newbie bloggers copy the blog description of the ranked post and paste it in their blog description. Therefore, don’t copy it from others. Try writing a unique blog description by yourself.

6. Don’t write too long: While writing a meta description for your post don’t try to use more than 150-160 characters. Google doesn’t consider the long blog description for an article.

7. LSI keywords: Try to use LSI keywords in your article and your meta description as well. If you don’t know what are LSI keywords? Keywords which are already indexed on Google is known as LSI keywords. This will help you in better ranking. However, Google itself says that there is nothing like LSI keywords. But most SEO experts do believe that there exists a theory of LSI keywords. Related words, phrases, and entities are LSI keywords.

8. Write a readable description: Don’t use complicated as well as hard to understand words. In other words, don’t use too many special symbols as it make difficult to understand. Write to the point about what your article is.

9. Use actionable sentences: While writing a blog description try to use actionable sentences like “follow these steps to increase views”. Using of actionable sentences increases click.

10. Forbid using negative words: Forbid using negative words in the main title and description. Similarly, negative words like Damage, Hate, and other words can be omitted. It reduces clicks.

11. Related meta description: Write a description related to your post. A blog description is a summary of your post.

12. Use list: If you are writing a list article try to add some of your examples from the post in the description. For example: If you are writing an article about the 10 tools for website speed checker then add two or three tools name in your meta description as it will help you to boost the SEO of your article.

List of some amazing meta description.

Let’s see some examples of meta description which pro bloggers use in their websites. You will get a better understanding of blog description while seeing these examples.


The meta description used in this website is excellent for the promotion as he uses the “best” word and example of the tools in their blog description. If you are writing a review post then you can get an idea from This is one of the best blog description one can use it in their post.


Meta description used in this website is to the point. It uses a keyword like “link building”, “inbound marketing” which describes their website best.


The meta description for his blog is best as he uses a call-to-action sentence that is “want to learn more about SEO”. You can use call-to-action sentences in your blog description for increasing click on your website.


The meta description used in this blog is best because it uses keywords like “complete” and “thousands of keywords idea”. It will be the perfect choice for the one who is looking for a keyword research tool.


Meta description of is too crisp and to the point. Below is the blog description of


The meta description of this website is about building trust. As you can see the word “honest” and “consumer reviews”. They also use words like bikes, cars, etc. They have described their whole blog in brief.

How to write Meta Description for Blogger?

To write description in Blogger you have to first go to your dashboard.

  • Click on settings. A top-down box will appear.
  • Now click on Search preferences. Now on the right side of the screen, you will see the Meta tags.
  • Check the radius box to yes.
  • Now you can write the meta description of 150 characters.
  • Click on save changes.

There are certain tools available which generate the Meta Description for free.



Blog description plays a vital role in getting more clicks and for better ranking. Therefore, an attractive SEO friendly meta description can help you to secure the first page of Google search. So before hitting the publish button on your WordPress dashboard make sure that your blog description describes your content the best.

For any queries, feel free to drop your question in the comment section.

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